Company Principles


We belong to a group of business deeply rooted in standard markets, but Morgalla Online in specific exists because of our enthusiasm for the Video Game Industry. To us, this is more than simply a job, more than simply a business. Our work is our advocacy.

From our simple starts to exactly what we are now, we have kept this mindset towards our work.

To be proactive, to respectfully and wisely contribute in every way we can, and to do our finest to make the work of our partners simpler. And this has appeared in our operations, and positively acknowledged by our numerous partners-turned-friends for many years.

Our desire to be part of and add to the market has likewise triggered us to reach beyond our own company, and into public deal with the Philippine federal government and our local economic sector at-large.

In 2013, our efforts originated our federal government's "Morgalla Online" nation effort, and Morgalla Online stays at the leading edge of producing more chance for local and foreign game business to gain from the distinct benefits can provide to the worldwide computer game market.